Sake No Hana

Location: New York City

Lighting Design: Focus Lighting

Applications: Toe kick, Cove lighting, Grazing

Products: 3.0 Static White Series 2 RibbonLyte, AR1, AC3, AS20G

Photographer: David Handschuh

Sake No Hana is a modern Japanese restaurant in a dramatic, festive space inside the Moxy LES hotel in New York City. Recessed AR1 fixtures create the amazing toe kick lighting lining the stunning dual staircase that envelopes the main bar. Lighting designers employed layers of Static White Series 2 RibbonLyte in under bar lighting and warm cove lighting above the bar and dining room. Sake No Hana lets you enjoy sake, sushi and other Japanese delicacies as AS20G fixtures provide soft highlights behind booths and along cozy brick walls. The food and the lighting are both delicious!