French Consulate

Location: Hong Kong

Lighting Design: Easty Shan/Acolyte Asia

Applications: Drop Ceiling Lighting, Backlighting

Products: Panel Lyte

Acolyte and Lucibel partnered with the French Consulate in Hong Kong to reduce their lighting energy consumption and increase their lighting efficiency.  To kick off the project, Acolyte and Lucibel conducted a detailed analysis of the Consulate’s luminosity needs. Then lighting designer Easty Shan created the solution strategy for the project.  Easty used square and round spotlights to bring an even illumination to open areas and, in smaller rooms where high brightness was needed, recommended our custom Panel Lytes that utilize time and motion sensors. Products from Acolyte and Lucibel were installed in the reception area, corridors, offices and conference rooms.  The renovation created dramatic cost and consumption reductions as well as improved lighting efficiency. The French Consulate renovation project achieved the following impressive energy-efficient results:  a 75% reduction in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions per unit of electricity consume,  a 75% reduction in monthly electricity consumption and electricity costs, and a 15% reduction in the number of fixtures needed to illuminate the space.