Le District

Location: New York, NY

Lighting Design: ICRAVE

Applications: Under Cabinet, Bar Lighting

Products: Static White RibbonLyte

Photographer: Eric Laignel

Le District is a celebration of New York City’s dynamic street life. It amplifies the intersection of the city’s neighborhoods in a one-stop food market and dining destination on the Hudson River waterfront in Lower Manhattan. Our 3000K RibbonLyte was used to anchor the wine bar seating, casting a soft glow on the industrial bar die material. At the Boulangerie, our low-voltage 3000K RibbonLyte brings a crisp, clean look to the space, enhancing the white tile backdrop and the freshly baked bread while providing much-needed task lighting for the work surfaces below. The high-CRI product was used throughout to bring out the richness of the colors in both the architectural materials and the food displayed.