Location: Minneapolis, MN

Lighting Design: ICRAVE

Applications: Under Cabinet, Cove Lighting, Bar Lighting

Products: Static White RibbonLyte

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) recently received a style upgrade. Longtime Minnesota resident and Bizarre Foods host Andrew Zimmern brought international flavors back to his home state in his airport culinary venture, Minnibar. With the introduction of Minnibar’s globally inspired sandwich bar and café, the Minnesota jet set can enjoy food and beverages in a tasteful atmosphere without leaving the terminal. Glossy finishes and curved surfaces were used in conjunction with hidden LED lights to create a dynamic, sparkling effect across the Minnibar structure. The ICRAVE design team needed high levels of illumination to allow for food preparation and to create a powerful visual impact on airport guests. Their challenge was to ensure that the light sources would remain unseen to maintain the architectural integrity of the custom-built structure, a look they achieved with custom Static White RibbonLyte fixtures from Acolyte.