Location: New York, NY

Applications: Hospitality, Cove, Toe Kick, Under Cabinet

Products: Static White Matrix RibbonLyte

Photographer: David Handschuh

THE WELL New York is the flagship location of an international wellness studio that joins multiple healing practices under one roof. Services include custom IV drips, acupuncture, infrared sauna sessions, facials and massage. Try Vinyasa Flow or Alignment Yoga in their mindful movement classes. The in-house Kitchen & Table café features sustainably sourced seasonal organic dishes. Throughout THE WELL, the mood is set with calming, clean LED light, courtesy of Static White Matrix RibbonLyte from Acolyte. Our Matrix RibbonLyte is flexible, allowing for easy installation in curved applications. Matrix RibbonLyte highlights THE WELL’s flowing hallways and ceiling coves. It accents the banquets and café seating. And it illuminates the mirror wall of the yoga studio and custom curved shelves lined with wellness essentials. Check out all the Matrix RibbonLyte specs to see how “well” it might fit your next project!