Acolyte unveils new suite of addressable Pixel Products for precision control

Acolyte has introduced a new suite of addressable pixel products: controls and related lighting fixtures that provide amazing scale and scope for applications with easy programming down to individual LED pixels. 

The controls offer SPI (Serial Peripheral Interface) technology, a synchronized communication protocol used to rapidly transmit information from control systems to “peripherals” – related products like LED fixtures. Similar to – and compatible with – DMX systems, the SPI protocol features “universes” made up of 512 channels with specific addresses.  


Central to this system are three new control modules: the C4 Live, C4 Extended and PxLNet Controllers with built-in triggers for automated applications over long distances. Varied in size to fit custom installations, these controllers scale well to large jobs, providing a user-friendly programming experience with full functionality on any device (smart phone, tablet or computer). They allow you to control individual pixels in complex lighting projects. Compatible with SPI, DMX, 0-10V, Art-Net and WiFi, these systems offer a simple menu and wireless configuration to support 63 SPI protocols. Program with 8 bit or 16 bit dimming. Quickly create seamless loops, color scrolls and fade effects or adjust brightness, saturation, speed and hue and easily assign scenes to distinct locations. 

These controllers can be deployed with several amazing new Acolyte addressable pixel fixtures that span several lighting applications. 


The 48V TriNode and 24V HexaNode are versatile single-point source RGB or RGBW fixtures that can be used to create unique pixel displays or to highlight architectural details. TriNode modules feature three color changing LEDs while the more powerful HexaNode modules use six. Both nodes are part of Acolyte’s Armor Series of exterior lighting products. They offer a choice of flat or globe lenses. Each string allows custom module quantities and spacing starting at 3.94 in. (100 mm). 


Also part of the Armor Series, our Nano Pivot Fixtures are hinged grazers that provide flexibility in your lighting design. Create dramatic effects around cornices and curved facades, columns or landscaping. Each section of the Nano Pivot features 4 LEDs in a 5-in. (125 mm) pixel. There are 8 pixels in each 3.28 ft (1 m) chain. The Nano Pivot is available in two dimmable Static White CCTs (2700K, 4000K) with five beam angles. The Nano Pivot RGBW features color changing pixels (3000K, 4000K) in two beam angle options that can be individually programmed for distinct scenes. 

Flexible BackLyte 

The Flexible BackLyte Addressable Sheet lets you program individual pixels with SPI controls for precision effects in interior backlighting applications. Each incredibly thin 12.6 x 18.9 in. (320 x 480 mm) sheet includes 96 RGB pixels spaced at just 1.6 in. (40 mm). Trim, bend and daisy chain each Flexible BackLyte Addressable Sheet to create custom shapes. Cut around any obstacles!  

 Pixel Bar 

The Pixel Bar is a color changing RGBW fixture designed for façade and bridge illumination and installations that require seamless light. The Pixel Bar features 1.97 in. (50 mm) addressable pixels. Choose square or rounded acrylic diffuser lenses for a diode-free application. Available in three set sizes up to 4 ft (1200 mm) long.

Pixel RibbonLyte

Pixel RibbonLyte creates custom patterns of light that can be programmed to a single LED. With spacing at 0.66 in. (16.66 mm), program each RGB LED pixel individually with SPI controls to create the most precise moving effects, patterns, chases and more throughout large light displays. Control 18 pixels per foot (60 pixels per meter) at 5.3 W/ft (17.5 W/m) in this IP20 Pixel RibbonLyte. Create custom Pixel RibbonLyte fixtures with our wide selection of channel extrusions.

Our traditional RGBW Addressable RibbonLyte also allows you to create completely customized patterns of light in 4 in. pixels that can be programmed for moving effects, patterns and chases in custom channel fixtures. This IP67 RibbonLyte provides superior color blending at 6 W/ft (19.7 W/m). 

For complete specifications on all our new pixel-driven controls and fixtures, or for more info about any of our custom architectural lighting solutions, please visit AcolyteLED.com or contact your local sales representative. Find our Pixel Product brochure HERE. With Acolyte, your only limit is your imagination! 

Acolyte is a quality global division of GENLED Brands.