Novotel Hotel

Location: New York, NY

Lighting Design: Jeff Nathan

Applications: Toe Kick Lighting, Cove Lighting, Under Cabinet, Bar Lighting

Products: RGB RibbonLyte, Static White RibbonLyte

The 4-Star Novotel Hotel in Times Square recently underwent an $85 million redesign that included the installation of RGB and Static White RibbonLyte from Acolyte throughout the lobby and bar areas. The sophisticated modern lobby is accented with RGB RibbonLyte, which is installed in the eye-catching coves of exposed hexagonal ceiling panels. The lighting colors change to create different moods throughout the day. The bar area is adorned with our Static White RibbonLyte running underneath comfy booth seating and the sleek bar counter itself. Lighting designer Jeff Nathan’s subtle illumination of these areas continued the theme of stylish modernity throughout the trendy hotel.