Paradise City Casino

Location: Incheon, Korea

Lighting Design: EON SLD

Applications: Cove Lighting

Products: 2.2 Static White, 8.8 Static White RibbonLyte at 3000K, AS1, AS2, AS3 and AC2 channel

Paradise City is the first Korean-style resort complex in Northeast Asia combining multi-purpose hospitality and entertainment facilities such as a hotel and casino, convention center, retail shops, an art gallery, spa, club, carnival and theater. Through partnerships with the world’s most prestigious hospitality companies, Paradise City provides facilities, content and service at the highest standards. The distinct culture and art in each space of Paradise City offers a truly unique experience, as each puzzle piece comes together to create a harmonious mosaic. E-on Design specified almost 5,000 meters of our RibbonLyte products for use in cove lighting and indirect lighting effects throughout the resort’s casino, hallways, common areas and guest rooms, utilizing hundreds of custom fixtures created with our 3000K Static White RibbonLyte at wattages ranging from 2.2 W/ft to 8.8 W/ft and our AS1, AS2, AS3 and AC2 channels with frosted lenses.